Air Creatures

Gravité (2016-2017)
This piece explores different figurations of attraction, that of bodies in relation to each other, objects and forces. It also imagines these attractions as deformations of mutations, passages from one figure to another.

Soma (2011)
The piece is entirely built on electronic sounds exploring dynamic spectral filtering of waveforms as well as physical string models. Conceived more as an immersion than a discourse or a narrative with its development, Soma is a call to half consciousness, to motionless movement in aerial and receding architectures: stone landscape with asperities populated by infinitesimal events.

Longue distance (2017)
This acousmatic piece evokes wide perspectives ; those that let glimpse and imagine the very far of the landscape. The progressive mutations of the electronic sounds and the fog of the effects, which surround the piano, indicate an itinerary which is prolonged and whose long distance leads to an attitude of floating daydream.
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